Honorary Awards 2013

This year, for the very first time, 3 honorary awards were presented to prominent film-makers. Few films fulfil the requirements and meet the high benchmark set for the honorary award, which underlines the significance of this distinction.

"Der Sommer des Falken” (“The Summer of the Falcon”), D 1987 (suitable for 8 years and over)

Honorary award for Professor Matthias Raue, soundtrack

Aufgrund der Größe/Datenmenge der Videos kann sich der Ladevorgang etwas verzögern.

The film deals with human-animal relationships, the theft of eggs from the nests of birds of prey, adolescents who discourage each another from committing criminal offences and with an ideal friendship.


Films today often portray crime in such an idolized fashion that youngsters are tempted to imitate crimes seen in the media and encourage one another to do so. Children and adolescents need films with a new approach - exciting but with preventive measures against violence or rather non-violent content.


The soundtrack is particularly noteworthy as it captures the “folksy” character and the alpine atmosphere marvellously with a combination of modern rhythms and traditional instruments (zither and cymbals).

"Das Jahr der ersten Küsse” (“The Year of First Kisses”), D 2002 (suitable for 12 years and over)

Honorary award for Kai Wessel, Director

Aufgrund der Größe/Datenmenge der Videos kann sich der Ladevorgang etwas verzögern.

It was director Kai Wessel’s aim to produce a nostalgic film for an adult target audience. But lo and behold, the film classification board decided the film was suitable for all ages!

Since it is a film about puberty, it is not at all suitable for viewing by children under 12 years.

“The Year of First Kisses” is an excellent film for schools, providing plenty of material for discussion, including the consumption of alcohol and cigarettes. In at times witty fashion, it deals with a number of topics to do with puberty which youngsters discover and busy themselves with at that age. Surprisingly, the film contains a scene showing an approach which prevents an escalation of violence in a way that could not be more worthy of an award.

The director received the honorary award 2013 for this impressively portrayed scene where a youngster stands up to a violent father and brings him to reason without resorting to violence but by threatening to take legal action.

“Les Choristes - Die Kinder des Monsieur Mathieu”, (“Les Choristes - Monsieur Mathieu’s children”) F/CH/D 2004 (suitable for approx. 16 years and over)

Honorary award for Constantin Filmverleih GmbH, represented by Torsten Koch, managing director

Aufgrund der Größe/Datenmenge der Videos kann sich der Ladevorgang etwas verzögern.



The plot:

France after the Second World War, violent upbringing and daily violence in a boarding school for boys. It is only thanks to the commitment of the new music teacher and choirmaster that the boys, in receiving recognition for their singing achievements, acquire a healthy self-respect - the best foundation for successful personal development - away from violence.

The film provides food for thought because violence is still very much a part of our society. It opens our eyes to what art, particularly music, can contribute to a child’s upbringing. Unfortunately, it is exactly this success factor that is largely lacking in children’s upbringing - an opportunity for young people to discover their own strengths by being creative and expressing themselves artistically, musically and intelligently - a way of imparting social behaviour.

The choirmaster’s words in the last scene should be noted here:
“I could see pride and happiness about the reconciliation in his eyes, and - new for him - something like gratitude.”

The honorary award is presented for the cinematic staging of one of the most successful educational methods and to the film distributors for having films like this in their portfolio.

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